There are numerous diving spots around the Cuban coast although Jardines de Reina, María la Gorda and the Isla de la Juventud are the most note-worthy. The archipelago of Jardines de Reina possesses a magnificent coral reef spanning nearly seventy-five miles in length and is home to a diverse aquatic life which can often be seen in fairly shallow waters. These locations are somewhat isolated and more for those who wish to immerse themselves in the underwater lairs of the Caribbean. For those who desire a simple and short diving experience, there are also some good dive sites just outside of Havana. For anyone interested in Cuban history, the Spanish cruiser Cristóbal Colón is the ideal dive. The ship remains off the shore of La Mula, where it sank in 1898 during the Spanish-Cuban-American War and can be viewed by visitors with a mask and snorkel.

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