As the national drink of Cuba, Rum is available everywhere. Distilled from Cuban sugarcane and then left to age for up to 15 years, rum-making in Cuba is little short of an art. White rum is often enjoyed in the island’s famous cocktails, while dark rum tends to be drunk neat.

While Cuban coffee hardly has the fame of its rum and cigars Cuba has produced coffee for the last two centuries, and as a result coffee-drinking has become an intrinsic part of Cuban culture. Often sweet, and always strong, Cuban coffee is a must-try for any coffee-lover in the country.

Internationally recognised as some of the best in the world, Cuban cigars prove to be very popular among visitors. Often rolled by hand, cigar-making is a well-practiced craft in Cuba, and a trip to a cigar factory is easily an interesting way to spend an afternoon. While sampling the produce yourself, remember to bring some back to your less fortunate friends at home.

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