Home to a wildlife which includes fascinating reptiles, colourful birds and curious animals, Cuba has plenty of creatures to keep any nature-lover intrigued. Alejandro de Humboldt and Desembarco del Granma National Parks are particularly good for wildlife watching in Cuba, as well as admiring the numerous species of orchids. Despite its abundance of charming amphibians and striking birds, the island’s most interesting resident remains the primeval Cuban crocodile. Once found throughout the Caribbean, the Cuban crocodile is now limited to the Cuban swamplands where visitors can occasionally see it leaping from the waters to grab at unfortunate hutias (a native small rodent) perched in trees.

For anyone looking for truly aesthetic wildlife watching in Cuba, the island is also home to a colourful medley of exotic birds, including vast numbers of magenta-coloured Caribbean flamingos, rainbow-coloured macaws and iridescent hummingbirds. 

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