Havana and Varadero 

Combine the cosmopolitan hustle of Havana with the tranquil relaxation of Varadero on this twin centre holiday to Cuba. Ten days should be about enough to enjoy these contrasting locations, with three days to soak in the culture of Havana and a week to unwind on the beaches of Varadero.

Spend your time in Havana strolling through the cobblestone streets of Habana Vieja (Old Havana) and taking in the cities captivating sights. A walk down the Malecón is at sunset is an irresistible experience for any visitor to the city, and there are plenty of museums and activities to keep the restless entertained. Havana’s nightlife is as vibrant as it comes and with salsa clubs and bars scattered about the city, you are never far from a fun-filled night. After the excitement of Havana has tired you out head to Varadero for some serious rest. Bus services between the two cites is easily available through the Víazul service and ticket prices are affordable.

Varadero is as serene as Havana is spirited, and exactly what you will need after your Havana escapades. Of course those who wish to keep the adventure going can engage in all kinds of water sports and experience Varadero’s active nightlife. Meanwhile anyone in need of beach relaxation have the Caribbean sun, azure seas and some of the finest sands Cuba has to offer. 

Havana, Trinidad and Varadero

Witness Havana’s hustle, Trinidad’s majesty, and Varadero’s serenity, in a multi centre holiday to Cuba. Twelve nights should be enough time to soak in the cities’ culture and bask in the Caribbean climate, with three nights in Havana, two in Trinidad and a week to relax on Varadero’s exquisite beaches. 

Begin your multi centre holiday to Cuba in the island's spirited capital, Havana. Spend your days in Havana wandering through the streets of Habana Vieja and taking in the magnificent sights and sounds of this vibrant city. There are numerous museums and galleries to keep you entertained during the days, while there are plenty of bars and salsa clubs to ensure your nights are packed with entertainment too. Havana is the perfect blend of culture and vitality and the ideal beginning to your adventerous Cuban holiday.

After witnessing what Havana has to offer, board a bus to Trinidad, the second city on your multi centre Cuban holiday. Viazul buses depart in the morning and afternoon. Transtur is another good option, with buses picking up passengers from key hotels in Havana and bringing them to Trinidad. Trinidad, itself, is a beautiful city full of colonial architecture, striking plazas and the occasional craft market. It is far too easy to spend a day or two strolling through this charming city and taking in the astounding sights.

After your cultural city-breaks, it’s time to finish up your multi centre holiday with a trip to Varadero and discover why Cuban beaches are recognised as some of the finest sands and clearest seas. Once again, Viazul is a viable option with buses departing both morning and afternoon. Varadero is the ideal way to wind down from the exhilaration of Havana and the culture of Trinidad. However, for anyone still restless after the other cities, there are plenty of water sports and an active night life to keep you entertained. With pure white sands that stretch farther than the eye can see and a glittering coastline, Varadero’s beaches are the perfect way to spend a day, or a week.

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