Old Havana

Take in a tour of Havana's old city, Habana Vieja. Packed full of crumbling colonial architecture, fascinating museums, bustling markets, and beautiful plazas, a walk down these cobblestone streets is sure to charm and captivate any visitor. Hotels and casas near this area are ideal for a Havana stay, as visitors tend to spend most of their time in the city wandering Habana Vieja’s quarters. 

Varadero Beach

A firm favourite among visitors, Varadero beach is an area of stunning scenery, recreation and luxury. Lazing on the platinum sands of Cuba’s finest beach before taking a dip into sparkling turquoise seas is one of the most relaxing pleasures the island has to offer. Combine the heat of the Caribbean sun with the fresh, crisp flavours of a mojito to ensure your day of Varadero relaxation is a truly enjoyable experience. 

Scuba diving and Snorkelling

Its rich marine life, vast coral reef and calm seas, make Cuba a diver's paradise. Although there are numerous fantastic diving sites on all sides of the island, the southern coast is home to some of best. The underwater bounty of colourful fish and healthy coral ensures diving of the Cuban coast will be an unforgettable experience.

La Plata Mountain Trail

Taking a hike through the Sierra Maestro Mountains is a rather tiring but truly thankful task.  Follow Fidel Castro’s footsteps to the Comandancia de la Plata, his headquarters located in the jungle-clad mountainous landscape, where he and the rebel forces changed the course of a country’s history.

Sunset on Malecón

The Malecón at sunset is one of Cuba’s most stunning city sights. The crashing waves, the glittering coastline, the crumbling colonial buildings, the classic cars, the open scenes of local life cumulate to create a spellbinding scene of both urban beauty and decay. Witness the display of the idiosyncrasies of Havana city life at the Malecón at sunset.