A paradisiacal land of spectacular beaches, vibrant cities, colourful culture, zesty salsa dancing, a dazzling coastline, and some of the finest rum and cigars in the world, Cuba is a must-see destination. Surrounded by the glistening Atlantic Ocean and the temperate Caribbean Sea, Cuba’s dazzling coast of white sands offers a myriad of beautiful beaches. Farther inland are roving hills, jade valleys, lush wetlands, and purple mountains, homing a wildlife of fascinating reptiles and a rainbow of colourful birds.

Cuban cities, much like the island itself, are a collage of beautifully diverse sights. Vintage American cars whizz through cobbled streets lined with ice-cream coloured colonial architecture, zealous salsa performers and beckoning street vendors, creating a scene that is uniquely urban Cuba. The smaller cities tend to be less bustling but even more beautiful, often surrounded by picturesque rural scenery. 

Possessing one of the most distinct cultures in the Caribbean, Cuba is a land sure to captivate even the most cynical of hearts. Home to fine cigars, fine rum and fine coffee, the tastes and scents of Cuba are enough to awaken any weary traveller. When combined with the scenic beauty, sounds of the rumba beat, and the heat of the Caribbean sun, Cuba is truly s feast for all the senses. 

The land that inspired some of Ernest Hemingway’s greatest works, as well as his frequently-visited home. A country that suffered near annihilation of its indigenous peoples, Spanish colonisation, African slavery, and a famous revolution that led to the establishment of Castro’s socialist government, only to create a culture of music, colour and vigour. With its Afro-Latin charm, literary legacy and curious history, Cuba is an inspiring island sure to enchant any visitor.