Cuba is often described as having two seasons: Summer, and more summer, and to a large extent this rings true. The high season for visitors tends to run from December-April with peaks around Christmas and Easter. There is also an inflow of visitors during July and August due to the summer holidays.

Cuba’s dry season runs from November-April, while the rainy season lasts from May-October. Although Cuban weather tends to be sunny all year round, during dry season it may become slightly cooler at night, especially in the mountain areas. Rainy season is often warmer than the dry months, however it also tends to be quite humid. Like the rest of the Caribbean, Cuba does have an annual hurricane season running from June-November, with most storms taking place along the east coast in September and October. However when compared with other areas in the Caribbean, the risk of a serious hurricane is very low and we sell holidays all year round. December-May would probably be the ideal time to visit Cuba for the weather.