The city of Camagüey is an impressive labyrinth of serpentine streets and winding alleyways, deliberately constructed as such to confound marauding pirates. These cobblestone streets are strewn with charming plazas, ice-cream coloured colonial buildings, historic statues and crumbling churches. In 2008 this city’s historic centre became Cuba’s ninth UNESCO world heritage site. With an array of parks and plazas, Camagüey has much to offer to the avid sight-seer. The striking Plaza de San Juan de Dios is gifted with the Iglesia San Juan de Dios and Museo de San Juan de Dios, while the picturesque Parque Agramonte boasts the city’s cathedral. Sometimes referred to as “the city of tinajones”, after the earthenware pots that line the town’s streets. These pots (or tinajones) were originally created by the townspeople to catch rainwater during a drought, and are now considered a hallmark symbol of this enchanting city.