Described by Christopher Columbus as “the most beautiful land ever seen by human eyes”, the north-east province of Holguin is rich in both natural splendour and cultural marvels. The province boasts the turquoise waters, abundant sea life and white beaches distinct to Cuba, as well as beckoning emerald hills and rugged mountains just farther inland. The province’s capital, San Isidoro de Holguin, or Holguin for short, is a metropolis bursting with life and activity. Housing impressive colonial architecture and chequered with plazas and parks a walk through this enchanting city is a fantastic experience.

There are other treasures to be explored in the Holguin Province that should not be overlooked. Gibara is a wonderful daytrip, once a mighty nineteenth-century port, now a quaint seaside town. For those seeking stunning sands and turquoise seas, the beaches of Guardalavaca are ideal. Anyone interested in Cuban history should take a trip to Birán and see the farm where Fidel and Raúl Castro grew up. While those lovers of culture can take in the sights of indigenous Cuban artwork at Banes.