Tabaco plantations, limestone mountains, rust-red soil, and roaming cowboys, the rural roads of the Pinar del Rio Province may look to some like something out of old western film, but with a tropical Caribbean twist. One of the province’s most popular attractions is the world heritage site, the Valle de Viñales, where the flat-topped mountains, known as mogotes, give the landscape a prehistoric, eerie sense. Anyone looking for eco adventure and natural delights will find themselves drawn to this Western province boasting two biosphere reserves, the Sierra del Rosario and Península de Guanahacabibes. The mountain resort of Las Terrazas, located in the Sierra del Rosario reserve, provides the ideal opportunity to explore the dense forestry of green hills and valleys. While the resort of Sora may entice others with 750 orchid species and the extraordinary El Salto waterfall. Sierra del Rosario is also a favourite spot among birdwatchers, so be sure to look out for the colourful spectacles of both native Cuban and migrating birdlife.