The favourite beach destination among visitors, Varadero is perfect for anyone seeking the white sands and turquoise seas that make the Caribbean famous. The resort of Varadero is bursting with hotels, spas, bars, restaurants and all sorts of entertainment. Its popularity among visitors means equipment for almost any sort of water sport is widely available and its 18-hole golf course has been tempting golfers for years. Undoubtedly, the resort’s ultimate attraction is the beach. The 20 kilometre stretch of glistening platinum sands, the tropical palm trees, the Caribbean climate, the occasional cool breezes from the Atlantic, and the crystal-clear waters make the beach of Varadero one of the finest in the world, yet alone Cuba. Popular in the 50’s with actors Ava Gardiner and Carey Grant, Varadero was, and is still today, a haven for lovers of sun, sea, sand and aesthetic scenery.