Best of Mexico & Guatemala

From the white sands of Playa del Carmen to the thick green jungle of Guatemala, this trip will show you landscapes so beautiful you might understand why the ancient civilisations who once ruled here worshipped gods of nature. Speaking of ancient civilisations, this journey will have you exploring the cities and monuments they left behind. Scramble over the jungle-swallowed ruins of Tikal and tour the sprawling temples of Chichen Itza, all with local guides who can give you insight into what it all means.

Holiday Highlights

  • Eat your feelings in Oaxaca, where produce is fresh and food is a part of history – like the mezcal made in traditional distilleries.
  • The bight yellow façade of the Convento de San Antonio de Padua disguises its complicated history as the site of a former Maya temple, destroyed in 1561.
  • See the sunrise over the towering Tikal National Park, here temples peek from behind verdant forest.
  • Kayak on a lake sheltered by volcanos in Panajachel.

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