Canada Winter Festivals

Oh Canada, the home of maple syrup, hockey, grizzly bears, the Biebs and the stunning Rocky Mountains. There’s a lot to love, and even more to celebrate about this great land – no wonder the locals throw so many shindigs all year round. Join us on a trip taking in not one, but five major winter festivals! Dance up a storm celebrating diversity at Whistler’s Pride Festival, catch the pros spinning tricks on the slopes in Banff and check out ice dragons on the shores of Lake Louise. With included walks through the magical Maligne Canyon in Jasper, a behind-the-scenes visit to the Canmore Hockey Club, and even toasted s’mores around the fire, this is a Canadian winter with all the trimmings.

Holiday Highlights

  • One trip, five festivals! This itinerary is jam-packed with festivities, taking in Whistler Pride & Ski, January in Jasper, Lake Louise Ice Magic, SnowDays in Banff, and the Canmore Winter Carnival.
  • See what it’s like to be a professional ice hockey player on a visit to the Canmore Hockey Club, then practice your skills on the ice.
  • Experience Canada’s incredible winter wilderness on a snowshoe hike in Banff's backcountry.
  • The GLBTIQ community know how to throw a great party, and you can take part in one (or several) during the Pride festival in Whistler
  • Get your jingle bells on and laugh all the way on an optional sleigh ride in Lake Louise
  • Explore frozen waterfalls and ice caves in Maligne Canyon, Jasper's deepest accessible canyon.

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