India's Diwali Festival

Watch the country erupt in happiness and colors even more than usual! Celebrate the festival of lights the true desi way and earn bragging rights for life. Explore the old city of Delhi wondering how some places could be so ancient yet at the same time really modern. Ride the rails and watch the as country goes by. Maybe catch a Bollywood flick and gawk at the marvel that is the Taj Mahal. You have not seen India if you have not visited during Diwali.

Holiday Highlights

  • Light the roof on fire! And by that we mean light up the rooftops of Jaipur with fireworks for Diwali Festival
  • Saree not sorry. Look radiant for Diwali night in a colourful and dazzling saree to match your surroundings.
  • While in Karauli experience royal Rajasthani swagger in your very own palace crib
  • Agra-cadabra! Do you believe in magic? Let us spell it out for you. T-a-j M-a-h-a-l. India has just pulled another punny rabbit out of the hat
  • Delhi lights a fire in you that'll sizzle your nostril hairs. Harness the chaos with a 'Home Cooked Delhi' Urban Adventure, then request a lassi to drown out the flames
  • In Jaipur you get to watch a Bollywood blockbuster in THE coolest cinema in the country

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