Northwest Passage High Arctic, Villages and Icebergs

Beginning in Canada, travel not only into the High Arctic, but also back in time, tracing the route of Sir John Franklin’s fateful mid-19th century expedition to find the fabled Northwest Passage. On this new 17-day exploration, cruise where few but the most adventurous have sailed and discover the Arctic’s wildlife and untouched scenery of fjords, glaciers and icebergs. Follow the coast of the islands of the Canadian High Arctic to see the graves of lost explorers, polar bear research stations, traditional Inuit communities, walrus waters and archaeological sites. Cross Baffin Bay to Greenland – which is really more like ice land – and see glaciers, icebergs, and colourful settlements backed by towering mountains. Whether hiking, cruising, kayaking, or Zodiacing, this trip will be another legend in the stories of the Northwest Passage.

Holiday Highlights

  • Experience the best of both the Canadian Arctic and Greenland, taking in historic Canadian and Inuit sites, glaciers and fjords
  • Get up close to the Arctic’s impressive wildlife, including whales, walrus and muskoxen
  • Meet the locals of traditional Inuit and Greenlandic communities
  • Hear the roar of an iceberg birth as glacier shards crash into the sea at Ilulissat Icefjord
  • Take Zodiacs and kayaks to get even closer to the Arctic’s spectacular scenery

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