A destination that is home to both the tiny bee hummingbird (the world’s smallest bird) and the rose-hued Caribbean flamingo, Cuba is perfect location for bird enthusiasts to engage in some bird watching. Most bird watching in Cuba takes place in the Pinar Del Rio in the Sierra del Rosario area, as the area is an ideal spot to view the local Cuban birds as well as the visiting migratory birds flying south from Florida. With such a wonderfully diverse and marvellously colourful birdlife, bird watching in Cuba is a memorable way to spend a day of your Cuban holiday.

Cuba’s incredible and diverse birdlife includes the iridescent emerald hummingbird; the magnificent frigatebird; and the Cuban trogon, the country’s national bird as it is splashed with the same blue, white and red of the Cuban flag. However Cuba’s bird populations are not limited to these feathery fellows, with some 358 bird species, Cuba is home to an assortment of birdlife, including rainbow-coloured parrots, majestic soaring hawks, beckoning cuckoos, quaint waterfowl, and lively woodpeckers among others. Such a colourful and captivating selection of birdlife is bound to satisfy any bird enthusiast’s thirst for tropical bird watching. With such an incredibly striking selection of birdlife, bird watching in Cuba is always a memorable experience.

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