A remarkable country brimming with a colourful culture, a fascinating history, and perfectly preserved biospheres, Cuba hosts a multitude of attractions. Whether you are seeking to perfect your salsa moves, thinking of touring the island by bicycle, considering an exotic bird-watching excursion, or just looking to play a round of golf against the beautiful backdrop of Caribbean beaches, Cuba has so much to offer. Peruse through our holidays by interest and see if you can find something to suit you.


White sands, crystal-clear waters, and a glittering coastline to rival California, Cuba is beach-lover's dream destination. 
Cuba's lush landscape boasts a rainbow of beautiful birds from woodpeckers to hawks to megenta-coloured flamingos. Bird watching in Cuba is perfect for lovers of birds and nature.
Take a cruise around one of the Carribean's most intoxicating islands. Witness all that charming Cuba has to offer from the comfort of a world-class cruise ship.
Wild salsa dancing, Afro-Latin beats, Colonial architecture, vintage American cars, an enthralling history and a myriad of museums and galleries. Cuba's culture is sure to captivate.
See the spectacular sights of Cuba's uniquely beautiful landscape and journey through towns often ignored by visitors. Get off the beaten path and explore Cuba on a cycling holiday.
World-famous for its sizzling salsa dancing, a holiday to Cuba is the perfect time to practice your dance moves. Take classes or simply hit the local salsa bar, the choice is yours. 
Boasting the third largest coral reef in the world, the largest swampland in the Carribean, and a myriad of perfectly preserved marines: Cuba is a true treasure for any eco-tourist.
World-famous for its fishing, thanks to Ernest Hemingway's Old Man and the Sea. Cuba's marines never fail to impress any level of fishing enthusiasts. 
Golfing amidst the stunning setting of the Carribean is a true pleasure for any golfing enthusiast. Boasting two gorgeous golf courses, Cuba is the perfect destination to practice your swing. 
Boasting nine UNESCO world heritage sites – including seven cultural sites and two national parks – and charming historical railways, Cuba is home to a beautiful heritage.
Salsa, Rumba, Son, Timba, Bolera, Jazz, and Conga: Cuba has soul! Discover the infectious rhythm of the Cuban beat on a Cuban music holiday.
World-famous for its cigars and rum, less so for its aromatic coffee, Cuba is full of tantalising treasures sure to delight the senses.
Boasting the world’s third largest coral reef, crystal-clear waters and meticulously preserved marines, Cuba is a dream destination that belongs on every diver's hit list.
A Cuba trek is a nature-lover's dream. With lush rainforest, crystal waterfalls, majestic mountain peaks, and gorgeous wetlands, Cuba's natural beauty goes beyond its famous beaches. 
Cuba's lush wetlands and rainforests are home to some of the Caribbean’s most charming amphibians and dazzling birds. Wildlife watching in Cuba is always a memorable experience.